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Jazz at Jeremy's concert and dinner Saturday 29 September

Join us for our Jazz at Jeremy’s concert and dinner, when we serve up an evening of delicious food and high quality music from virtuoso player Mike Wilson and his new band, The Seven. These are some of the top jazz musicians across the South East.

For intro there’ll be arrival drinks and nibbles, then the concert in the marquee, then a three-course dinner to the gentler background accompaniment of the musicians, three by three.

‘This is not just another jazz concert," says saxophonist and mastermind Mike Wilson. "A jazz band often flies by the seat of its pants, getting carried away and almost forgetting that their audience is there.

‘At Jeremy’s we musicians will have fun with jazz together, and with you. And in brief interludes, we want to let you into the language of jazz and it secrets, why and how jazz is interactive, exciting and infectious and at the same time magically soothing, how we harness the structures and the power of melody and improvisation…’

It's an event, he says, for the keen jazz aficionado and the uninitiated, aiming to illuminate and take you with, to make jazz at its highest level more accessible and audience-friendly.

Alongside Mike on saxes, The Seven features singer Lucy Pickering, Micky Ball on trumpet, Al Scott on piano, Paul Richards on guitar, Oz Dechaine on bass, and Milo Fell on drums and percussion.

£75 per person to include welcome drink and nibbles, concert, three-course dinner, coffee and petits fours.6.30pm drinks and nibbles, 7pm to 8.15pm concert, 8.30pm dinner.

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Biographies of the band

New jazz band extraordinaire The Seven will lauch at Jeremy's on the evening of 29 September with a concert followed by a jazz dinner.

Lucy Pickering, vocals

There's not much in the world of music and performance at which Lucy has not excelled, since her early training in opera, and then a degree in Performance Arts. She’s an accomplished guitarist, pianist and flautist, but well known in recent years as a jazz singer. She has her own group, Court and Spark, dedicated to the music of Joni Mitchell. Lucy’s total musicianship and warm personality is just what The Seven needs from its vocalist, so that she can both feature with the band and, just as importantly, sing within it.

Micky Ball, trumpet

As a child, Mickey was first drawn to the trombone, but a tape measure decreed that his arms were too short, so the musical world lost a trombonist but gained a very talented trumpet player! A graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, Mickey played classically for a while, before winning a post in Jool Holland’s Band. Mickey is a total musician, with a deep love of music in all its forms. Many trumpet players tend to dominate: that’s not Mickey’s way. He prefers to use his great technique on the instrument to create an ensemble with his other musical colleagues.

Mike Wilson, saxes/clarient/flute 

Mike, trained classically at Oxford and the Royal College of Music, before discovering rock and roll. To avoid a chaotic lifetime of debauchery, he transferred his allegiances to jazz, thus leaping from the frying pan into the fire! Mike believes fervently in making the structures and language of jazz more accessible to the layperson, and in harnessing the infectious power of melody and improvisation to the fun and challenge of helping listeners to understand and appreciate what jazz musicians are trying to do.

Al Scott, piano 

Al has moved south from Stockport via an extended period in London, and has gained his particular recognition in jazz trio work in clubs and venues up and down the land. His compendium of musical knowledge is vast, from the intimate work of his keyboard hero Bill Evans to larger-scale musical endeavours. Al is very much respected by his peers as a thoughtful and expressive musician.

Paul Richards, guitar

Equally at home on classical guitar as playing jazz and Latin American, Paul contradicts the commonly held image of the guitarist flinging himself about the stage, quietly preferring instead to ally his fertile musical imagination with his technical skills. It’s for good reason that he’s much in demand as a teacher. Singers and horn players relish Paul’s sensitivity as an accompanist. He brings a sense of warmth and security to any ensemble. But wait for an opportunity to improvise a chorus or two, and he will blow you away!

Oz Dechaine, bass 

Any band lucky enough to count Oz among its personnel will keep perfect time and rejoice in the security of knowing where the bass line is going. It will also be assured of an evening of fun, warmed by Oz’s youthful, infectious personality. Under his command, the double bass is far from cumbersome. It certainly in no way limits Oz’s powers of musical invention. His contribution to The Seven cannot be overestimated.

Milo Fell, drums and percussion 

The quintessential musicians’ drummer. Milo graduated in Manchester and played there for a while before moving to move to London, where he played with a host of big-name jazz stars. His craft as a total percussionist finds expression in polyrhythmic patterns, for example in the music of Tango Nuevo. Drummers sit behind an array of percussion which so often forms a barrier between the player and his musical colleagues beyond. Milo has the rare gift of being able to ‘hear’ beyond the drums, and thus to set up fascinating interplays with the rest of the band.

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