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Jeremy's Spring wine dinner - 18th May

Having so enjoyed the challenge of finding the perfect pairing for our wine dinner last Autumn co-hosted by Alex Tilling, now of Bancroft Wines, she has lined up for us yet another treat for Spring by introducing the renowned wine maker David Nieuwoudt from Cederberg Winery in South Africa.

Hardens review

“Tantalising” cooking and a “truly beautiful” terrace for hot summer days have helped build a big following for Jeremy Ashpool’s “delightful” restaurant.   Hardens 2010

Jeremy's taste of spring 2010

At last, the vernal equinox approaches and Persephone, goddess of spring and symbol of the vegetation which shoots forth, brings new ingredients, albeit late this year, to what the ancients celebrated as the restoration of food supplies and what we call exciting new ingredients for the restaurant table.

"The world on your plate in the heart of Sussex"