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We enjoyed an amazing if slightly bizarre evening at the Sky Garden last night where Enotria pushed the boat out in spectacular style in a wholly new format for their annual tasting, showcasing the wares of the many producers who had made the journey to the UK in order to offer them to a selected cross section of Enotria's invited client base.

The reception area with it's staggering views across to the Shard and down on the City was an electric environment in which to start the evening. It certainly brought the best out of the Jacquart Blanc de Blancs Champagne that all of us were enjoying.

A clever, if frankly, brave format was to have guests sit at a variety of different tables with the producers whose wines each particular business were selling, with tapas style dishes served to match what was in the glass.

The logistics involved in the running of such an event(chiefly dependent on the delivery of the caterers) seemed mind blowing to a risk averse provincial restaurateur such as I.

We did manage to talk to several of our favourite producers as the evening became progressively more animated. A glorious gong announced when we all had to shift tables and commence the next round of tasting, talking and the occasional nibble.

The wines I remember enjoying most apart from the fizz were Matteo Ascheri's youthful Dolcetto, Martin Meinert's Synchronicity, Vina Leyda's Pinot Noir, a Viognier from Santa Ana Argentina. It goes without saying that the Ridgeview wines were lovely and I still adore the Umani Ronchi wines with food- though they are not always easy to sell. Some knowlegeable wine buffs were nodding appreciatively at Ken Forrester's FMC South African Chenin Blanc. Almost Off dry for me but delicious.

After a final healthy portion of excellent cheese, stratigically placed close to the exit lift, we headed out into the London night and for home. Thank you Enotria and to our brilliant account manager Joe for a fabulous evening. As a late friend of ours used to say, paraphrasing the Michelangelo sketch in Monty Python-"it worked mate!"

"The world on your plate in the heart of Sussex" 


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