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On Thursday evening, June 25th, Jeremy will discover his inner druid, and with the help of his white-clad kitchen team will cook a series of delicious midsummer night’s dishes. They will be paired with five divinely summery wines from Enotria Winecellars, who have contributed to our wine list for many moons. We’ve chosen an exciting selection from the vineyards of Europe.

All over Europe that week, from June 21st to 25th, from Finland to Hungary and from Latvia to Portugal, people will be celebrating the summer solstice – although most now think of it as the feast of St John, or Sankt Hans. Jeremy’s wife Vera and fellow chef will contribute some elements from the Sankt Hans festivities of her native Denmark, such as canapés of marinaded herring, served with an aperitif of Ridgeview Victoria pink fizz from Ditchling and Blackdown Sussex Gin and Elderflower cocktails. There’ll be live violin music – in our flowery garden, we hope!

The druids built fires at the summer equinox, ideally beside water, often on seashores ‘where the three realms of Earth, Sea and Sky meet’. Their fires often included bones – so they were called ‘bonnefyres’. Modern mid-summer revellers build beach or fjord-side bonfires - and the young and athletic jump over the glowing embers to ward off misfortune, evil spirits and witches or dragons in the year to come. The witches are meant to fly off for a confab in the Harz Mountains of northern Germany on Midsummer Night’s Eve.

So we’ll be serving a fine single vineyard German Riesling Kabinett in their honour, paired with herby local ewe’s cheese and the freshest of summer salads. No excuse needed for the next course – magical local crab and asparagus with capers and a salad of baby broad beans.

Jeremy and head chef Jimmy will by then be leaping around a glowing barbeque, just a few paces from the tinkling fountain. There’ll be new season’s lamb with garlic and fresh herbs (so good for you - midsummer’s eve was the night to pick medicinal herbs, for greatest effect!). We’ll have tender baby vegetables from the garden, baby leeks and mangetout, and summer flowers to garnish.

All around Europe, girls and women wear flower crowns and garlands on their designated midsummer night – we hope some of our guests will come adorned with a flower or two, even a floral nordic crown.  Vera, like other Scandinavian maidens, might lay flowers under her pillow, and dream of… Jeremy, of course! But that’s for later.

7.30pm for 8pm - £65 including wines, coffee and petits fours

Please book here, or call 01444 441102

May Bank Holidays

May Bank Holiday - lunch a la carte
Monday May 4th
Monday May 25th

From 12 noon

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Helping to make children's lives better in Sussex

We are really pleased to host this year's first Rockinghorse charity fundraising dinner at Jeremy's later this week - a really important event in the Sussex calendar.  Find your inner saint and join us, help support Rockinghorse and have a great night too - St. George's Day Thursday April 23rd.

There are just a few spaces left, so it is not too late, call the lovely team at the Rockinghorse directly on 01237 330044 to book a space.

£50 - welcome drink, 3-course dinner, coffee.  

"The world on your plate in the heart of Sussex" 


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