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Jeremy's winter wonderland


Jeremy's and Cafe Elvira are open during this snowy weather.  Of course Vera, with her Danish origins, thinks this is a mere 'dusting of the white stuff' and has been busy this morning preparing all the fresh pastries and pies for the day.  She has also been serving a very tempting all-day full English breakfast.

Jeremy's Taste of Iberia


Join local wine expert, TV presenter and author Charles Metcalfe on Thursday 2nd December for a 4-course dinner matched with Iberian wines.

Jeremy's fast track lunch


Fast track your lunch order before you dine and we'll get you back to work on time!

Jeremy's autumn wine evening


It's autumn newsletter time at Jeremy's, which we are now making available online as we celebrate twenty-five years of the restaurant's inclusion in the Good Food Guide.  Other good news is that Sussex Life food reviewer Lulu Larkin has voted us in her top 6 favourite Sussex restaurants in the next issue.  Thanks for that.  Do take the time to view the newsletter.  

Jeremy's prestige champagne dinner


For those enjoying the relaxed pleasures of an English summer at home, here's a quick update on news at Jeremy's.

"The world on your plate in the heart of Sussex" 


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