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It's not on the menu and you certainly can't eat it, but meet our latest and most intriguing summer visitor. The tiny yellow duckling has caused much excitement for all of us here as it bobs about in the fountain in our restaurant's idyllic gardens here at Borde Hill where Vera who, of course, runs Elvira's Cafe next door takes great delight every summer in feeding the latest batch of newly arrived ducklings. And this year the centre of attraction is a tiny yellow duckling which stands out from the rest of the brood.

"My brother Kurt tells me from Denmark that if its eyes are pink it's an albino " says Vera. "But if they're black it's just an ugly duckling! It's hard to tell just yet."

But our son Merlin who works as a sommelier here says,  "I think it will turn white and turn out to be an albino".

Or, who knows, it could even end up, in the words sung by Danny Kaye in the famous 1952 film about Hans Christian Andersen ........."a very fine swan indeed!"


"The world on your plate in the heart of Sussex" 


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